photo by wyatt osthus

meet the poet.

I come from a very quiet family, in which words are infrequent and intentional, and silences are comfortable. We come from the very quiet town of Palo Verde, California, where the noises of the desert are only as loud as the echoes that reverberate off the lagoon, or the low humming of flies in the tamarisk groves, and I have always been exceedingly comfortable with this relative silence. From Charles Wright we learn that “All landscapes are autobiographical,” and throughout this exploration of what it means to call a place home I have discovered within me a desire to share the landscapes of my life through poetry. It began with a homesickness, and a desire to recapture the majesty of a desert town that nobody in Colorado or South Dakota had ever heard of, but has since developed into a full blown love affair with language. My work can be found in a handful of online and print literary journals, and my first chapbook Dearly Departed, a collection of poetry focused on my desert, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in 2022. I am currently an MFA candidate in creative writing poetry at Syracuse University.

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